1. General

The degrees of doctor of letters, doctor of science (d.Sc.) and doctor of laws (ll.D.) Are the highest post-doctoral degrees of this university in respective disciplines which are awarded to candidate who have earlier acquired ph.D. Degree. A post-doctoral degree is awarded on the basis of original and independent research in a particular discipline that has made distinct contributions to the advancement of knowledge, as evidenced by publications in reviewed journals and are recognised by peers. The research work of the candidate must have been characterised either by the discovery of facts or by a fresh approach towards interpretation of facts or theories, or formulating a new theory/hypothesis and evince his capacity for original thinking, critical examination and sound judgment.

2. Administration of the programme

(A) the programme leading to post-doctoral degree will be offered at the university campus only.

(B) subject to the general guidance of the academic council, research work in the university leading to post-doctoral degree shall be overseen by the university research board.

(C) the programme shall be offered on full time and also on part-time basis.

3. Duration of the programme

The duration of the programme is one year from the date of enrolment. Provided, however, that the university research council may on the recommendations of research board, permit a post doctoral degree thesis to be submitted in less than one year from the date of enrolment but not earlier than 9 months.

4. Eligibility conditions

The applicant for enrolment must have

(a) A doctoral degree from a recognised indian or foreign university in the relevant discipline.

5. Enrolment for the Programme

An applicant for enrolment under this programme shall submit his application online in the prescribed form. Non Resident Indians (NRI), Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) and Foreign Nationals will, however, apply for admission to the programme in accordance with the policy guidelines laid down by the Government of India.