Career Counselling

Counselling is an integral part of our guidance programme. The aim of guidance is to understand and help student in selection of a particular career. First, we collect the accurate and reliable information about the student, in order to get a vivid picture of the student. We collect all the significant and comprehensive information which are essential to know and understand the student well. Our counselling programme concentrate upon the student's problems.

Our counselling programme make use of following two types of techniques:

  1. Individual Technique: In individual counselling we counsel each and every student individually based on his need, choices, skills and interest areas
  2. Group Technique: Under group counselling, we conduct seminars and presentations in the educational institutes to guide the students about various career options.

Our counselling programme helps the students in the following ways:

  1. To understand what he can do and what he should do.
  2. Strengthen his innate abilities.
  3. Understand the opportunities open to him.
  4. Handle his difficulties in a rational way.
  5. Develop self-concept and make his own decisions on problems.
  6. Plan on the basis of self-understanding accept responsibility and take action on the plans.

We provide counselling to students for admission in various courses:

  • Certificate Courses
  • Diploma Courses
  • Graduation Courses
  • Post-Graduation Courses
  • Doctorate Courses